I love comedy.

One of the best nights out you can have is going to watch a comedian, at the top of their game, simply making you laugh.

I have ventured into the world of comedy writing occasionally, having co-written some material with a female comic and having written a few one liners and observations, mainly for a variety of radio stations and presenters.

I try to write some entertaining stuff on twitter, aside from making my family laugh and occasionally groan whenever the opportunity arises!

I’m always open to offers to write or contribute material for or with others for sketches, stand-up, adverts, radio etc. Just about anything really. Contact me via the link at the top of the page.

I am currently working on some sketches and one-liners as well as generating some ideas for a number of potential projects and then hoping that something gets the green light!

Watch this space! (Preferably with your fingers crossed!)